Gerdau Steel – New Whistleblower Reward Opportunity?

Gerdau is one of the largest steel companies in the world. With 45,000 employees in 14 countries, the company has the capacity to produce 26 million tons of steel per year. The company is also mired in a massive corruption probe. All the facts surrounding Gerdau suggest there is a perfect opportunity for whistleblowers.Read the full article

FRONTLINE/World | History of the FCPA | PBS

Watch the full program at President JImmy Carter and others recall the hot politics surrounding the first anti-bribery legislation and those who opposed it. The clip is part of an ongoing FRONTLINE and FRONTLINE/World project examining the global impact of bribery and increased international efforts to police corruption, called "The Business of Bribes." The unfolding online investigation will lead up a FRONTLINE documentary, "Black Money," airing April 7 on PBS.