Whistleblower News Review

Defense Contractor Cybersecurity Breaches Bring Wave of Cyber Whistleblower Opportunities by ML McLaren | Link to original source (126K) Failure to report cyberattacks among Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and subcontractors means big whistleblower opportunities for IT professionals and other defense contractor employees.Read the full article

  • Cyber Crime Costs Projected To Reach $2 Trillion by 2019

    forbes.com - 62 readers - Photographer: Ken Cedeno/Bloomberg News. 'Crime wave' is an understatement when you consider the costs that businesses are suffering as a result of cyber crime. 'Epidemic' is more like it. IBM Corp.'s Chairman, CEO and President, Ginni Rometty, recently said that cyber crime may be the greatest threat to every company in [...]

  • Cyber hack got access to over 700,000 IRS accounts

    usatoday.com - 42 readers - Updated tally more than doubles previous damage threat for U.S. taxpayers