Building a Lawyer PPC Campaign that Gets You Clients (Video)

by Andrew Cabasso
Today’s Friday, and in honor of Friday, and “Aloha Fridays” here at Uptime Legal, we were feeling the aloha spirit. So, what does that have to do with pay-per-click for lawyers? Fair question. Today we’re trying something new. Hopefully you like it. I’ve filmed a short video breaking down how your law firm can build a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign.Read the full article

Building a Winning Pay-Per-Click Campaign for Lawyers

How do you get 1 in 5 clicks from your law firm PPC campaign to turn into a potential client? In this Aloha Friday Legal Tech Tips video, Andrew Cabasso from Uptime Legal helps you navigate the process of building a PPC campaign that maximizes your return on investment with choice keywords, high-converting landing pages, and in-depth analytics.