Setting up Google Plus Profiles for Lawyers

by Stacey Burke
What Falls Under a Google Account? A Google Account is a user account that provides access to Google-owned services. You can use any email address to set up a Google Account; a Gmail address is not required. The Google Account is like an umbrella that holds underneath it the user’s YouTube, Gmail, AdWords, Google Plus, and so many more of Google’s digital properties.Read the full article

A Lawyer's Guide to Starting Out On G+ (#PracticallyLegal)

Technology and social networks are here. Our clients are using them. As attorneys, we have an obligation to understand them. We might as well get good at them, too. This HOA will take lawyers from "I just set up an account" and to "I can use this platform," covering topics such as: - *Circles:* what they are, how to use them efficiently, what to do / not to do with them; - *Communities:* what they are, how they work, which are the best to meet lawyers and clients; - *Posting:* best practices to get started now; - *Sharing content:* your own, other plussers, your content from Twitter and vice versa; - *Hashtags:* ain't nothin' to be scared of; - *Top Dos and Donts* for new plussers; - *Ethical considerations* for lawyers on social media; While specifically aimed at beginners, there might be some tips and tricks for the regular user, too. Our panel will include attorney G+ all-star-ninja-masters: +Tina Willis is a Florida trial attorney at +Tina Willis Law - Orlando who has quickly gained thousands of followers for her insightful posts and community engagement. She co-hosts the weekly G+ HOA show #LegallySpeaking with +Stephan Futeral, a terrific program covering many topics of interest for lawyers and consumers of legal services. +Gyi Tsakalakis of +AttorneySync is an SEO and online marketing guru and student of marketing, business, philosophy, law, and politics (and football) recently featured on an +Avvo webinar. He has unique insights for lawyers on engaging with social media credibly. +Stacey Burke is a Texas trial attorney who launched her nationwide law firm consulting practice a year ago, focusing on projects ranging from database implementation and cleanup to nationwide television marketing and intake. If you do not have an account yet, you need one to participate. You can check out my 5 Steps to Starting a G+ Account (Quick and Dirty) post, which also includes links to great resources on getting started from experts like +Kimberly Reynolds +Chris Brogan +Ryan Lytle +Kat Hannaford and +Demian Farnworth. #PracticallyLegal